Save on Wedding Supplies

Weddings can be very expensive, costing many thousands of dollars. They can also be simplified while keeping many classic traditions that most brides and grooms want to include in their wedding. Some of the costly supplies, like wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you notes can be made by the bridal couple from a computer and printer. Place cards for guest tables at the reception can also be made. There are free websites that have templates available with many different choices to make the paper products look close to professional, such as various fonts with unique looks.

The best way to save on wedding supplies is through planning well ahead of the occasion. Any wedding takes time, and when you are looking for bargains, even more time is required. Because of the large expense of a wedding, plus the fact that many couples are choosing not to spend as much on this event as couples have done in the past, there are numerous websites with bargain wedding supplies for sale. When the wedding ceremony takes place, all eyes will be on the bride and the happy couple. Those who want to critique the décor are going to find things that they don’t like whether the couple spends $25,000 or $5,000 on their wedding. Even so, couples and the parents of the bride want to provide their guests with the best reception possible. They also want to remember their special day as one that was well-done and beautiful. It is possible to be economical and still meet these goals.

Reception table decorations are a very important part of the reception, and they are easy to make if there is enough time before the wedding. Several basic supplies can be used that will look elegant and beautiful, including flowers, candles, colored pebbles, balloons, and other craft supplies. It is possible to buy inexpensive clear glasses or small vases online in bulk that cost less than $1.00. Colored pebbles that match the wedding colors can be placed into the bottom of the glass. Acrylic pebbles look like clear ice, and they are made in a great variety of colors. When the glass is filled with clear water or water that has had a drop of food coloring added to it, and inexpensive flowers are added, such as carnations, and a ribbon is tied around the glass, it looks very good.

Other table decorations can be made with a votive candle placed into a holder that has some of the acrylic ice pebbles at the bottom of it. They can be arranged in groups of three or four as a center piece, or at each guest’s place. Another inexpensive idea is to use balloons in the wedding colors that are mounted at the end of each table. Floating candle bowls also make elegant centerpieces, and by adding a few rose pedals, they are very exquisite-looking. Placing a favor box at each guest’s place is another inexpensive decoration, plus guests have something special to take with them when they leave. Favor boxes are inexpensive and sell for around $25.00 for 100 boxes. You can fill them with candy and wrap them with brightly colored ribbons for a beautiful look.

Couples may want to do a few unique things at their wedding that not everyone does. They may want to place a small white container of bubbles at each guest’s place to add some fun to the festivities as guests blow bubbles. Personalized ribbon with the bride’s and groom’s names and the date of the wedding can be used to wrap plain white favor boxes. It is inexpensive, costing around $15.00 for 100 pieces. Inexpensive table coverings can be made from rolls of shiny white paper that are then covered with tulle. A bolt of 50 yards of this material that is 108 inches wide costs around $50.00. The ideas are endless if the couple is determined to look for inexpensive supplies and to think of some creative ideas.