Bridal Shower Invitations

The importance of the bridal shower invitation is to channel the joy, excitement, and tone of the shower to each recipient. That won’t happen if the invitation has no personality that identifies with the bride-to-be or her planned wedding ceremony.

The maid or matron of honor has historically been the person who selects the bridal shower invitations and is responsible for making sure they deliver the right message.

There are many places to purchase invitations and wherever they are bought, they should convey the spirit and theme of the shower. The matron of honor should make the bridal shower both a surprise and a joy to the bride-to-be. For this reason, it is good to have her input before making plans.

Wide Range of Options for Bridal Invitations

Bridal Shower InvitationsAfter the bride’s wishes are known, then the invitations can be selected to suit the celebration planned. There are so many options in bridal shower invitations that they can be designed to fit almost any personality or shower, and in the event you can’t find what you want, many businesses will custom design them to your specifications.

Bridal Invitations Set the Stage and Tone

Not only does the shower invitation express the tone of the shower, it can also set the stage for the wedding itself. If the wedding is to be very formal, low-key, whimsical, intimate, or themed, the shower invitations are a prelude of the ceremony.

In the event the wedding is to be in a special location, the bridal shower invitation might revolve around something that connects to that location. For instance, a beach or island wedding might be represented by an invitation geared toward that theme with sandy beaches and beautiful ocean sunsets.

Of course, the invitation has to be informative. How the specifics are stated might be done in a creative way, but the guests do need to understand the important details about the shower itself. If some special attire is required for the festivities, the invitation should make it clear, and planned activities that require pre-preparation should be mentioned.

The bare minimum facts that your bridal shower invitations should include are who the shower is for, the date and time, and the location with complete address. A shower that takes place somewhere off the beaten path might necessitate a map or special instructions so that all parties can find their way easily.

Once the invitations have been produced, it is imperative that they be sent out in plenty of time to allow recipients to make plans and shift schedules so they can be in attendance.  Just as with any part of the wedding planning, the shower invitations are important and should be given the attention they deserve. If you aren’t quite sure of the design, get input from others; don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from whoever is doing the customization and printing of the invitations. They usually have some great ideas.